On the history of the Group: a glimpse

The group in Logic Logic and Philosophy of Science LPS of the University of Florence has its roots in the appointment of Ettore Casari in the A.Y. 1967-68, as Professor of Philosophy of Science at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy. It was the first Professorship in the discipline ever in Florence.

In 1970 Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara was appointed as a Lecturer in Logic, a position which was soon to be transformed into a Full Professorship in Logic in 1974. Soon after, teaching and research in the area of Logic and Philosophy of Science were strengthened by post-doc/assistantship positions held by Sergio Bernini (appointed as Associate Professor in 1987), Giovanna Corsi (presently Full Professor at the University of Bologna) and Michele Abrusci (presently Full Professor at the University of Roma 3). In 1982 Massimo Mugnai moved to Florence to become a Full Professor of History of Logic. In the late Eighties the Group reached his maximum with the appointment of Andrea Cantini in 1988 (Full Professor of Logic since 2001).

As to the last twenty years, Casari left Florence in 1998 for the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, followed by Mugnai in 2005.

In 1997 Pierluigi Minari joined the Group and is presently Full Professor of Logic (since 2005); while Elena Castellani, who joined LPS in 2002, is Associate Professor of Philosophy of Science (since 2005).
In 2010 Dalla Chiara reached the retirement age, and since then she is Emeritus Professor of Logic.
Since 2013, with the new University Reform and its nefarious effects, such as the consequent elimination of the Department of Philosophy, LPS is presently hosted by the Dipartimento di Lettere e Filosofia, Sezione di Filosofia.


Ettore Casari and Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara talk about the history of our group

Research Themes

The present research interests of LPS-members have a wide scope and they include: Logic, with a stress of the formal and foundational aspects; Philosophy of Science, with emphasis on the Philosophy of Physics; History and Philosophy of Logic in the last two centuries.
With explicit reference to the present tenured faculty, ongoing investigations can be classified as follows:
(i) Bernini: Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics between XIX and XX century, study of Frege’s and Russell’s works; special emphasis is put on the analysis of Frege’s notion of “ungesättigt”, on exploring impredicative consistent reformulations of the Fregean Grundgesetze der Arithmetik, and in developing a theory of facts as denotations of proposition;
(ii) Cantini: Constructive Operational Set Theory, Axiomatic Theories of Truth, Proof Theory and various techniques, mostly in connection with the Foundations of Mathematics; Philosophy of Mathematics and History of Paradoxes;
(iii) Castellani: History and Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Space and Time, Ontological Aspects of Physical Theories, History and Meaning of Symmetries, Reductionism and Emergence, Structural Realism, Dualities, History and philosophy of String Theory;
(iv) Minari: Non-classical Logics (intermediate, modal, substructural, many-valued), Algebraic and Relational Semantics, Structural Proof Theory, Cmbinatory Logic and Lambda Calculus, History of logic (e.g. Schröder, Husserl).
Besides the above topics, post-doc and research fellows also pursue independent researches, such as those dealing with the issue of ambiguity in Computational Linguistics (Donati), Formal Theories of Truth and Circularity (Bruni).