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Our Master's Programme in Logic, Philosophy and History of Science

Our Master in Logic, Philosophy and History of Science, offered by the Dipartimento di Lettere e Filosofia, Sezione di Filosofia, provides students with the following knowledge and skills:
– A in-depth knowledge of contemporary logic;
– A in-depth knowledge of modern science development and contemporary epistemological debate;
– Skills in addressing philosophical problems related to the foundations of a basic scientific discipline (physics, mathematics, biology);
– Skills in addressing philosophical problems in the foundations of logic and language;
Thanks to such interdisciplinary training, which teaches one to use both methods typical of humanities, and formal rigour typical of logical-mathematical disciplines, our students grow a flexible mentality and a series of precious reasoning skills. This kind of know-how is very appreciated today both in Academia and in the job market.

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Working groups

Our group organizes a series of collateral activities like focus groups, experimental projects and seminars. These activities are open to students from any  background.

Currently available groups:

  1. Computational models for Ambiguity detection.
  2. Logic and Games.
  3. The role of models in science practice.